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Recertification Celebrated with Community Luncheon: Comprehensive guest list, eco-friendly decorations add to success

Posted: 4.7.18

Photo credit: Phillip Packer

New car sales. It’s a competitive world. In an industry that makes it tough to stand out, a growing number of dealers are seizing an opportunity to celebrate what makes them uniqueGreen Dealer certification.

Dealers choose a variety of ways to publicize this achievement, showcasing green business practices and positioning themselves as environmental leaders in the community. The promotions take on different forms, including certification events.

Dwain Taylor Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac in Murray, KY, was recertified as a Green Dealer in late 2017 and hosted a successful recertification event.

“…We hosted a Green Dealer Recognition Luncheon, and were very pleased by the turnout,” said Andy Foley, Dwain Taylor Chevrolet’s general manager. “It was a great success!”

Many dealers host events when first certified as GM Green Dealers. If you’re wondering what’s new to celebrate the following year at recertification, Chuck Golden, CEO of Green Dealer Support, explains.

“At initial certification a dealer demonstrates a commitment to green business practices,” says Golden. “Recertification is an important milestone. It shows the dealer is here for the long haul and continuing to add eco-friendly initiatives.”

Read on for details about Dwain Taylor Chevrolet’s event guest list, format and decorations.

Three men standing and talking at a celebration event
Left to right: Chuck Golden with owner Dwain Taylor and Andy Foley during the luncheon. Photo credit: Phillip Packer


The Guest List

Luncheon attendees represented a number of groups associated with the dealership, including GM management, Green Dealer Support and local media.

“We had several civic leaders in attendance, as well as family and friends of Dwain and the dealership,” added Foley.

GM management showed support at the event with the following representatives in attendance:

  • Toni Bennett, Chevrolet District Sales Manager
  • Theresa Ford, Chevrolet Zone Aftersales Manager
  • Staci O’Neal, Chevrolet District Aftersales Manager
A reporter interviews a man

A local reporter interviews Taylor at the event. Photo credit: Phillip Packer

Among the friends in attendance was Don Elliott. According to Elliott, he and Dwain Taylor met 47 years ago when they were both in their twenties—Taylor a young Chevy dealer and Elliott a Chevrolet district manager.

Elliott’s now the owner of two GM Green Dealerships, Sunshine Chevrolet in Arden, NC, and Don Elliott Autoworld of Wharton, TX.

“Throughout the time I’ve known Dwain, he has always been an innovative dealer,” said Elliott. “He embraced environmentally-friendly business practices before it was the norm to do so and before there was any kind of recognition. The solar farm he installed several years ago is a testament to that embrace.”

Kristy Elliott, dealer operator at Sunshine Chevrolet also attended the event. “It was a true honor to attend the lovely event recognizing Dwain Taylor Chevrolet as Kentucky’s first GM Green Dealer,” she reported. “Dwain Taylor has always been very forward thinking when it comes to ‘green’ business practices and is very deserving on this honor.”

Two men shaking hands, a woman presenting an award
Chuck Golden congratulates owner Dwain Taylor as Theresa Ford gets ready to award the certificate. 
Photo credit: Phillip Packer


The Format

Guests and dealer employees gathered in a service bay for a catered lunch of fried fish, one of Taylor’s favorite dishes. After the meal, Taylor began the program by explaining his interest in green business practices and recognizing the many people involved in the dealership’s success in this area.

Don Elliott addressed the crowd, followed by Chuck Golden. GM management personnel were then introduced, and the Green Dealer certificate was presented to Taylor.

Wooden palette with large green G symbol
Photo credit: Phillip Packer


The Decorations

“All of the decorations used for the luncheon were environmentally friendly,” reported Foley. “We fashioned logo boards out of old pallets, used recycled and biodegradable materials, and saved everything to reuse in the future.” 

“We decided that, in light of the purpose of the luncheon, it would have been irresponsible of us to create a lot of waste making the dealership look nice,” Foley added.


Read more about Dwain Taylor Chevrolet's green initatives.

Ready to plan a certification celebration for your dealership? This event serves as a great
example for format, a variety of guests and decorations. Other successful Green Dealer events
included guests such as contractors and engineers involved in dealership design and construction.
Some involve presentations with key personnel offering remarks, and others are less formal with a
simple certificate presentation and photo shoot. 

Contact Chuck Golden to discuss ideas that will work for your organization.



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