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The GM Green Dealer Program has two components:

  1. Be recognized based on your environmental sustainability activities

  2. Learn how other dealers are incorporating sustainability initiatives into their operations

Dealer recognition is based on dealers who have implemented green activities across a wide range of environmental / sustainable criteria at their dealership. Dealers will need to complete an assessment to determine eligibility for the recognition. The Recognition Certificate will be presented by zone management and will be limited to those dealerships who are fully compliant with the GM Facility Image Program.

Participating dealers will be able to access the website to find what other dealers are doing to support the ongoing growth toward receiving recognition.

When dealers accelerate their sustainability efforts they receive the following benefits:

  • Operations cost savings:

    • Reduced energy usage

    • Reduced water usage

    • Reduced waste going to landfill

  • Provide employees a better place to work

  • Differentiate your business from others

This is an opportunity for dealers to improve the efficiency of their operations and to be recognized as sustainability leaders in their communities.


There are three steps to becoming active in the GM Green Dealer Program:


Enrolment means securing a User name and Password to access the website. You can do that any time by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

Once enrolled, you will be able to access the website any time to find information on what other dealers are doing to become green, complete the self-assessment and determine your dealership status for recognition.


The self-assessment tool is available to all dealers at any time. It serves many purposes:

  • Determine eligibility for the GM Green Dealer Recognition

  • Identify opportunities that exist at automobile dealerships

  • Providing access to an inventory of green business practices

The evaluation process begins with a self-assessment based on multiple items that are arranged across 10 categories. Those categories are:

  1. Energy Reduction
  2. Renewable
  3. HVAC
  4. Water and Sewer
  5. Waste Management
  6. Recycle / Reuse
  7. Nature Habitat
  8. Workplace / Environment
  9. Community Outreach
  10. Management Practices

Once the dealer has completed the self-assessment, the Green Dealer Support (GDS) team will contact the dealer, clarify the results of the self-assessment and answer any of the dealer’s questions. The verification process may include a visit to the facility and a tour of the operation to further clarify what the dealership is doing with their green initiatives.


Recognition is based on verified implementation of items identified in the self-assessment survey. The requirement for GM Green Dealer Certification are:

  1. Achieve Facilities Image Program compliance
  2. Implement a high number initiatives in 9 categories
  3. Achieve an overall assessment score of at least 60

 Dealers who reach the level of being recognized for this achievement will benefit by being able to market that achievement with their customers and employees as well as the community. Acknowledgement of Recognition will be delivered by GM zone management. The dealer will be given access to a recognition certificate and logo that identifies specific year participation.

Ongoing participation and implementation of sustainable projects will allow dealers to receive year over year recognition for their continued participation in the program.

Participating Dealers will have access to the achievements of other dealers in each of the 10 categories as well as the rationale used in making the decision to implement these green initiatives. Dealers will also be able to view the descriptions of various technologies and processes included in the evaluation.

The steps of Enrollment, Assessment, Recognitions and Ongoing Improvement are administered by our third party representative,

Green Dealer Support.

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